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In our society, we are judged first by how we look and second by how we speak. Immediate assumptions are made about people based on how they speak, listen and communicate in general.

Communication is the most sophisticated and yet basic aspect of human life. When the communication skills of an individual are judged to be different,distracting or otherwise atypical, the potential effects can range from fairly inconsequential to, in severe situations, quite devastating. Speech and language therapy is a method for correcting and improving the symptoms and characteristics found in all types of communication disorders.

We at Julia Hobbs Speech Pathology, Inc., are dedicated to providing the highest quality of services with the most positive results for adults as well as for children and their families as we go through the process of speech and language therapy. As we work together, we clearly state our goals and expectations for treatment and welcome ongoing communication and discussion throughout the process. In order to ensure the most successful results, that communication partnership between us is not only very valuable but absolutely essential.

We believe every individual deserves the opportunity of developing and acheiving the best communication skills possible. We proudly utilize the most current and comprehensive therapy techniques and treatment methods. And we believe carefully designed individualized therapy programs are essential for achieving the ultimate goal.


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