A Personal Message from Julia Hobbs for Parents

Researching and investigating speech and language services for your child may be your first step in trying to determine if various aspects of development are “on track”.  For many parents, there is that gnawing feeling that something is just not right. Realizing something may be wrong with your child can be very unsettling and it sometimes takes courage to begin the exploration process of learning more and reviewing relevant information. 

Perhaps you are the parent of a toddler who is not talking, or a five year old with unclear speech, or a twelve year old with language-based learning disabilities, or any of the myriad speech and language deficits found in children from 0 to 18 years of age. Regardless of your child's age and specific needs, your intuition and concerns are valid and legitimate reasons to seek professional information and guidance.

No parent wants to “need” speech and language therapy services for their child. We all hope our children will grow, develop and flourish in life with the least amount of differences or challenges. However, for children who may have developmental or learning differences, the importance of early intervention cannot be overstated.

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech, language, voice, fluency, listening, social interaction or overall communication skills, hopefully you will find our web site informative, enlightening and most of all a source of support and hope. 



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