Julia Hobbs, M.A., C.C.C., S.L.P.
Executive Director

Julia Hobbs

As Executive Director of JHSP, Inc. for the last 35+ years, Ms. Hobbs has been dedicated to the correction of communication disorders in children as well as adults. In terms of pediatric speech pathology, her specialty areas include autism spectrum disorders, cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies, apraxia and speech motor disorders, auditory processing disorders as well as voice disorders.

She maintains a strong interest and clinical expertise in the treatment of voice disorders, specializing in the care and treatment of the professional voice.

A project she particularly enjoyed was a 10 year affiliation with an international cleft palate project through the San Diego State University Cleft Palate Team. The team traveled to La Paz, Baja California, Mexico in order to assess and treat patients and collaborate with local professionals. A unique component of the project was training a local teacher to carry out speech therapy goals in a community having no speech therapy services, a model which she strongly supports for international care.

She enjoys a long standing working relationship with many pediatricians, otolaryngologists, occupational and physical therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, private school directors as well as speech pathology colleagues within the community.

Ms. Hobbs has presented in state, national, and international forums. Many of these presentations are teaching seminars, as she is committed to providing a platform in which speech pathologists have the opportunity of learning and utilizing current effective treatment techniques and thereby maintaining the highest clinical standards.

She has also written a presentation entitled "So You Wanna Be a Speech Pathologist" which is designed for undergrad and graduate students in the field and emphasizes the privilege we are given in caring for patients with communication disorders as well as our ongoing commitment to professional excellence. The presentation has been well received at CSHA as well as ASHA conferences.

For many years she has been the co-chair for the St. John's Hospital Cleft Palate Team Annual Symposium, a teaching conference for interdisciplinary professionals within the community. Over the past 35 years, she has enjoyed teaching pediatric dental and orthodontic residents at the UCLA School of Dentistry as she believes speech pathologists have a responsibility for teaching other professions about speech pathology and how we interface and effectively collaborate to manage patients.

Ms. Hobbs is frequently asked to speak to parent groups at local private preschools and private day schools. She particularly enjoys speaking with parents and providing education regarding the development of communication and the interaction between parent and child.. She has become passionately involved in a project educating parents on the values and potential negative aspects of technology and the developing child and has begun speaking with parent groups on this topic as well.

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