A Personal Message from Julia Hobbs for Adults

Seeking the services of a speech pathologist may be something you have been considering for awhile or perhaps the idea just crossed your mind for the first time. Regardless of the timing or your personal rationale for investigating speech therapy services, BRAVO to you for taking that first step toward self improvement.

We are indeed judged first by how we look and second by how we sound. Communication is how we connect with our world on every level. If the way an individual speaks is more prominent than what he has to say…the person can become invalidated and judged to be completely different than he is in reality.

Some adults will have had speech therapy as a child and for whatever reason never quite “finished” the process and thus have somewhat unclear speech. Other adults just don’t like the way they sound or the way they feel they come across to other people.

You may have thought your speech patterns were not up to par but calling a “speech therapist” felt like overkill or not exactly what you need since things are not “that bad.” We have helped individuals with the full range of speech concerns, minor to major.

We believe most speech deficits in adults can still be improved, regardless of age or circumstances. While old habits may be a bit difficult to “undo” or change, with proper assessment and careful treatment planning, positive changes are possible in most cases.

Ultimately if your speech bothers you, then there is cause for concern. Self-perception and confidence are critical factors in how we present ourselves to the world around us and ultimately achieve success.

Although we work with both children and adults, we are particularly sensitive to the needs of our adults who are seeking a means of improving communication, whether it is for a slight lisp, unclear or “mumbled” speech, talking too fast or perhaps halting speech and/or stuttering.

In addition, we also treat adults with more complex speech deficits which may be related to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or similar conditions. And of course, I am particularly passionate about working with the Professional Voice, including singers and performers.

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